Team Kakashi
Name Team Kakashi, Team 7
Kanji カカシ班, 第七班
Romaji Kakashi-Han, Dainanahan
Team Info
Leaders Male iconHatake Kakashi

Male iconYamato (Occasionally)

Members Male icon Uzumaki Naruto

Male icon Uchiha Sasuke
Female icon Haruno Sakura
Female icon Senju Haru
Male icon Sai

Affiliations Konohagakure Konohagakure

Team Kakashi, also known as Team 7, is a team led by Hatake Kakashi  and was formed after the members became genin. The members were selected in order to balance out their talents: Naruto Uzumaki, the worst student in his graduating class, would benefit from Sakura Haruno's intelligence and Sasuke Uchiha's proficiency with ninjutsu. Sakura would similarly benefit from her more battle-capable team-mates, whereas Sasuke would benefit from being forced to work with others. Senju Haru became an "extra" member due to their class not having a number of students in which all could fit in teams of three. She was put in Team 7 out of her father personally asking the teachers, as he wanted her to be trained by Kakashi. It would be later revealed that he was chosen specifically to be the leader of Team 7 for two reasons: Being the student of Naruto's father and given the task of keeping the Nine-Tails at bay while unknowingly honouring the promise that Sarutobi Hiruzen  made to Uchiha Itachi  in secret to keep his younger brother safe and kept from going down a dark path. In time while training them, sharing similar traits to the latter, Kakashi noted the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke to be similar of that to Uchiha Obito  and himself and even more so of Jiraiya and Orochimaru .