Kuroda is a shinpbi from Sunagakure. Previously intended too destroy Konoha, but now citing Konoha as an alliance since almost killed at the Konoha Crush


Kuroda was once a revengefull, stubborn, and cold blooded, intended to kill everyone he didin't like, including Konoha Village. Since lost over Doreku Sarutobi, he changed his mine, and tried too convince himself that Konoha never intended too destroy Sunagakure and intended to strengthen the alliance between Sunagakure and other Villages, by becoming a council member after Fourth Shinobi World War


Kuroda is a white skin man, with a straight hair. In Part 1, he used a standar suna genin costume, and later used Suna flack jacket in his reign of being Sunagakure Chunin, Jonin, and Council member


Although not proficient in Taijutsu, Kuroda is a formidable fighter, and oftenly attack his enemy by long range attack in order too defense himself from being engaged in hand to hand combat which he is not used to


Kuroda is proficient is Wind Release, he many times made Doreku Sarutobi find difficulties to engage him in hand to hand combat by his wind release jutsus, but Doreku seems very fast and made him badly injured due to Doreku's taijutsu technique : Bone Breaker, which made him dying and threatened can't be a ninja anymore due to heavy break on his bones. Beside that, Kuroda also showed his proficiency in wind release when fighting Joutai, a wellknown